Saturday, March 22, 2008

Texans Invade

Well, we just recently had a group of 7 college kids come up here from Stephen F Austin for there spring break mission trip (I call them kids... like I'm so much older, hah!). They really helped us just with manpower alone. Usually it's me, Kelly, and Richard trying to reach a campus of 20,000. So we did a lot of acts of kindness while they were here. We gave out energy efficient light bulbs and batteries for smoke alarms to the lower income neighborhoods where our church is located. On campus we had a chocolate fountain and fruit one day, they also helped with our free lunch. It was such a blessing just to have more people who could sit down and talk to people that we couldn't normally because we're serving. The crazy flour shots are us making stres balls. We handed out a study pack on campus the next day. These were such a great group of students (probably because they were from Texas!) There were 6 girls and 1 poor guy =). Put that number on our 6 people that already live in our house and we had 13 people and 3 showers! The house feels quite empty wthout them =). Enjoy the pictures

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pictures of the students from Texas. Hope you have caught up on some much needed rest. Love you!